Alfred Heth - Retrospective

Exhibition period
March 10 - April 02, 2018

Seelandschaft 2.jpg

Alfred Heth, the child of Bessarabian (Moldovan) parents born in Sintenburger-Hütte, Mecklenburg - later to become part of the no man's land between East and West Germany – dedicated his works to form in its broadest sense. The village in which Alfred Heth grew up no longer exists, having gradually shrunk before the expanding border control system. Erasure, neglect, recall all came to pass, a process that was to have a lifelong effect. Heth's expression of affirmation and remembrance came in the form of woodcuts, sculptures, objects and paintings. His works are dedicated to the corporeal - such as the body of the family or clan and its members, as a forefather or as a comer - but in any case as one who can be remembered, both in passing as well as in becoming.

We look forward to the catalog, which will be published soon.

Kristine Hamann