About the gallery

Art connects contemplation, science, religion, pleasure, individuality and luxury besides a wealth of social functions. Up and coming artists need a growing generation of collectors open to their work and who are aware of its value as a cultural asset. We have been sharing our passion for contemporary art in our rooms since 2011. We invite you either as a prospective buyer or experienced collector, as a curator or critic, to discover and become acquainted with both emerging and established talent. Within the informal atmosphere of our gallery we aim to make art a tangible experience for you. Regional, national und international artists are all represented at Gallery Kristine Hamann. Our exhibitions encompass both curated solo shows as well as presentations by our house and guest artists in alternating hangings. We cultivate a close, intensive relationship with our house artists - otherwise known as our »exclusive artists« - considering ourselves jointly responsible in the furtherance of their careers. Our programme is complemented by guest artists whom we wish to present to our established clientele. In several cases, collaborations with artists have arisen that have steadily intensified over the course of several years. The gallery’s concept runs refreshingly against the grain, seeking to stimulate and inform, to invite involvement, examination and debate. We seek to build bridges between painting, photography and the graphic arts, with the interplay between abstraction and realistic depiction forming the golden thread running through our programme. In a spirit of curiosity and open-mindedness we welcome you to the gallery!


Künstler der Galerie

Rayk Goetze
Christian Hahn
Nol Hennissen
Christian Henkel
Alfred Heth
Isabell Kamp
Christofer Kochs
Stefan Kratz
Knut Wolfgang Maron
Sebastian Menzke
Chris Nau
Sven Ochsenreither
Thomas Riess
Willi Sieber
Kirk Sora
Paetrick Schmidt


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